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Hong Kong Coastal Biodiversity GIS

This Web-GIS shows the spatio-temporal distribution records of intertidal organisms found on Hong Kong shores from 1912 - 2011, based on the database from Ng et al. 2017.  A total of 13,853 records were found from a variety of intertidal habitats: rocky shores, mangroves, soft shores, seagrass beds and hard substrata which include boulders and artificial coastal structures.  


The spatial mapping of all the records could be viewed at “Interactive Habitat” - where you can navigate and zoom in & out to look for species records over a particular region in Hong Kong.  “Species Distribution” provides a search function where you can look for distribution records of particular species over time.  “Measurement Tool ” allows you to estimate the distance and area of a particular region on the map, which could be useful to estimate and compare the geographical size of different intertidal habitats. Numbers displayed in the clusters represent the record numbers of that area, and when you zoom in & out the cluster size will be adjusted accordingly.


Please note that all spatial records were extracted from the literatures reviewed in Ng et al. 2017, in which the geographical coordinates of some species might not be exact and might deviate from the present-day coastline (e.g. reclamation activities).  You are encouraged to visit the original review here for further information. All information and images retrieved from this Web-GIS shall be cited as Gu et al. 2019 .

This app is developed for PC users, so it is suggested to use a PC to open this app to have a better user experience.

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