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Prospective Students

Surviving in the intertidal desert ...


  • Do you want to understand how species can survive with little food in extremely hot and arid environments?

  • Are you keen on integrating laboratory and field based techniques?

  • Do you have an open and inquisitive mind and are willing to try ‘something new’?

  • Do you enjoy working in a team and sharing ideas?

  • Do you want to work on tropical shores and eat great food?

If so – then we have a great opportunity for you

The Tropical IntertiDal Ecology Group at HKU is recruiting highly motivated postgraduate students to undertake research on the behaviour and ecophysiology of tropical intertidal organisms.  Our current research interests focus on understanding how high shore species in the tropics persist in such an energy-limited and thermally extreme environment, and the role of acclimation in shaping behavioural responses and physiological tolerances of individuals.  We are looking for candidates to undertake projects on any aspects of behaviour and ecophysiology of tropical intertidal organisms, involving mostly field surveys/manipulative experiments and laboratory physiological measurements.  If you are genuinely interested in marine ecology; enjoy fieldwork; have successfully completed at least an undergraduate degree in the fields of ecology/marine biology/zoology (or other relevant fields) and would enjoy working in a hot collaborative environment (literally) then please don't hesitate to contact us!  Candidates with relevant backgrounds in molecular biology and/or ecological modelling are especially encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates please contact us directly and visit HKU graduation school's website ( for details on scholarships, which include the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) Scheme.

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