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[Mar 2023] Universitas 21: more on the South African field course

As part of an ongoing Universitas 21 project led by Elisa Bone (University of Melbourne), Gray and Richard Greenfield led a group of students from HKU and the University of Johannesburg (both U21 universities) on a field course with students from North West University (South Africa) and the University of Miami (USA) to Tsitsikamma, Eastern Cape (see more in our last post). Here students worked together to collect transect data which will be used to contribute to the integration of interactive learning components into fieldtrips and will provide trial data to be incorporated in the Virtual Rocky Shore Sampling Unit ( Later in the year Elisa will visit SWIMS, HKU to continue the collaboration with Bayden and Gray.

Richard and Jackson installing temperature loggers at the field site in Tsitsikamma.


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