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[Oct 2022] An update on Steven — Is he studying in a less stressful (thermally) environment?

Steven has been to the University of Exeter to pursue his master's degree in data science (ecology and evolution) for about a month. He, who lived in the tropics for > 25 years, thought he could escape from heat stress eventually, but he's now suffering cold stress.

After about one month (of studying data science) in the UK, he started to agree with what Valerie said before he left: UK is very cold. He felt that opening windows at home was like turning on the air-con/being at the laboratory at KBSB 2/f! (come and feel the temperature here if you don't understand this) and he just suffered a freezing night yesterday. It is, however, just October, and apparently, he is going to suffer more cold stress in the coming months. We wish Steven all the best in his study and stay warm — and learn more to solve our stat problems in the future!

Steven at the University of Exeter


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