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[Oct 2022] More sorting work for the ecosystem engineer RGC team!

Back in June this year, we established experimental plots (controlling % cover of the oyster Saccostrea cuccullata and the mussel Mytilisepta virgata to different levels) on six shores on Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island. With this experimental approach, we aimed to test the effect of the % cover of these ecosystem engineers on the local biodiversity. About three months after (after the stressful summer), we revisited these shores and sampled the experimental plots in early October. Many TIDE Group members helped with the sampling and the post-sampling processes (THANKS A LOT!). The next step will be sorting and identifying what is inside these ecosystem engineers (of different coverage). Stay tuned!

Sampling at Shek O!

Sampling at Deep Water Bay on another day

Thank you all for helping with the sample processing!


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