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Previous students

  1. Robin Kennish (PhD awarded 1995, co-supervised with SY Lee, HKU) Seasonal patterns of algal availability, influences on diet selection and fitness of the tropical crab Grapsus albolineatus

  2. Sven Kaehler (PhD awarded 1996) Causes and consequences of the spatial and temporal distribution of encrusting algae on tropical rocky shores

  3. Kate Harper  (PhD awarded 1996) The ecology of Acanthopleura japonica (Mollusca: Polyplacophora): a dominant herbivore on Hong Kong rocky shores

  4. Sanjay Nagarkar (PhD awarded 1996) The ecology of intertidal epilithic biofilms with special reference to cyanobacteria

  5. Mak Yiu Ming (PhD awarded 1996) The ecology of the high-zoned littorinids, Nodilittorina trochoides, N. radiata and N. vidua on rocky shores in Hong Kong.

  6. Yang Ka Yee (MPhil awarded 1996, co-supervised with SY Lee, HKU) The feeding ecology of the mudskipper Boleopthalamus pectinirostris (Pisces: Periophthalmidae) at the Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve, Hong Kong

  7. Chan Kwok Kan (PhD awarded 1999) The ecology of Tetraclita squamosa and Tetraclita japonica (Crustacea: Cirripedia) in Hong Kong

  8. Neil Hutchinson (PhD awarded 1999) Spatial variation on tropical shores: the role of herbivory and disturbance

  9. Celesta Lee (MPhil awarded 2000, co-supervised with Dr P Ang, CUHK) The phenology of Sargassum henslowianum C. Ag. and its mobile epiphytes in Long Ke Wan, Hong Kong

  10. Richard Huang (PhD awarded 2001) Spatial variation in Cellana grata populations: the interplay of population dynamics and food availability

  11. Charles, Lee Sung Chi (PhD awarded 2001, co-supervised with Dr G Brown, Chemistry Department, HKU) Chemical ecology of algae and the cyanobacterium Kyrtuthrix maculans on Hong Kong rocky shores

  12. Olive Lee (PhD awarded 2001, co-supervised with Dr K Hyde, HKU) The feeding ecology of Littoraria species in Hong Kong mangroves

  13. Greg Slingsby (PhD, withdrawn 1999; co-supervised with Dr F Leung, Zoology Department, HKU) Population genetics of high shore limpets

  14. Richard Stafford (PhD awarded 2002, co-supervised with Dr M. Davies, The University of Sunderland, UK)  A temperate:tropical comparison of high shore communities

  15. Mony, Chin I Mei (PhD awarded 2003) Variation in Monodonta labio among different intertidal habitats in Hong Kong

  16. Wallis, Chan Kam Sheung (PhD awarded 2003) Variation in cyanobacteria-dominated biofilms: consequences for the diet, growth and reproduction of an intertidal grazer, Siphonaria japonica on Hong Kong shores

  17. Yan Yan (PhD awarded 2003, co-supervised with Benny Chan) The ecology of the high shore barnacle Chthamalus malayensis in Hong Kong

  18. Rose, Chan Man Yui (PhD, withdrawn to become Immigration Officer, 2000) Feeding ecology of Cellana toreuma

  19. Wendy, Leung Wing Man (MPhil, withdrawn to become a Cathay Pacific pilot 2003) Pollution and anthropogenic influences on rocky intertidal communities

  20. Wai Tak Cheung (PhD awarded 2004) Herbivore-induced effects and persistence of non-geniculate coralline algae in low-shore rock pools

  21. Shirley, Chow Chi Yui (MPhil awarded 2004, co-supervised with Benny Chan) Foraging behaviour of Thais clavigera: the interplay of environmental variation and predator behaviour on sheltered rocky shores

  22. David Poon (MPhil awarded 2004, co-supervised with Benny Chan) The population dynamics and feeding ecology of the mangrove crabs, Metopograpsus frontalis (Grapsidae) and Perisesarma bidens (Sesarmidae), in Hong Kong

  23. Wolfie, Houng Lai Chien (MPhil awarded 2005, co-supervised with Kenny Leung) Heat shock protein expression in limpets on Hong Kong rocky shores

  24. Ariel, Yeung Chung Yan (PhD awarded 2006) The ecology of Nerita yoldii and N. albicilla on Hong Kong rocky shores

  25. Avis Ngan (PhD awarded 2006) Environmental stress and its implications for behavioural plasticity of foraging in Cellana grata

  26. Janet, Lee Ka Wai (PhD awarded 2007) The impact of foraging by soldier crabs, Mictyris brevidactylus, on sandy shore communities

  27. Jasmine, Ng So Shan (PhD awarded 2007) Resource partitioning and coexistence of molluscan grazers on Hong Kong rocky shores

  28. Damgy, Chan Hoi Lam (PhD awarded 2008, co-supervised with Benny Chan and Prof KH Chu, CUHK) Supply-side ecology and onshore selection of Tetraclita japonica japonica (Crustacean: Cirripedia) in Hong Kong

  29. Stephen Cartwright (PhD awarded 2010) Facilitation of intertidal species against environmental stress by barnacles in tropical Hong Kong

  30. June Leung (PhD, awarded 2012) Spatial dispersion patterns of Planaxis sulcatus: patterns and consequences

  31. Kathy Li (MPhil, awarded 2012) Thermal tolerance of Echinolittorina species in Hong Kong: implications for their vertical distributions

  32. Terence Ng (PhD awarded 2013, co-supervised with Dr V Thiyagarajan) Reproductive traits and sexual selection in the mangrove littorinid snails, Littoraria ardouiniana and L. melanostoma

  33. Charles Ma (MPhil, awarded 2013, co-supervised with Dr C Dumont) The role of stress tolerance on marine invasive mussels

  34. Karen Villarta (PhD, awarded 2015) Life history strategies of the limpet Cellana toreuma and its physiological response to environmental stress

  35. Michelle Luk (MPhil, awarded 2014, co-supervised with Prof G Sara) The ecophysiology and dynamic energy budget of Septifer virgatus

  36. Tommy Hui (PhD, awarded 2017, co-supervised with Dr S Cannicci and Dr G Santini) Behavioural ecology of the sand-bubbler crab Scopimera intermedia Balss, 1934 in Hong Kong

  37. Martin Cheng (MPhil, awarded 2017, co-supervised with Prof G Sara) The influence of temperature acclimation and food on the physiology and dynamic energy budget of Perna viridis

  38. Alicia Lee Sian Tan (PhD, awarded 2019, co-supervised with Prof G Sara) Impact of climate change on the future life history traits of economically important bivalves along the China coast

Previous students
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